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Rent it. Wear it. Swap it.

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Only real jewelry

Known designers and brands, gold, silver, diamonds and more...

Enjoy without buying

Use for a fraction of the price.
Don't buy it - rent it.

Your jewelry box
in the cloud

Jewelry you love available
wherever you are.

Match your mood
and style

Wear what you want
and when you want it.
How it works
Step 1
and order
Step 2
to your door
Step 3
Enjoy it
Step 4
Hassle-free return
Who we are
As a marketplace, we offer a unique opportunity for designers, wholesalers, manufacturers, and even individuals to lend their jewelry to anyone bringing it to the mass market for the first time in history.

Authentic jewelry is expensive, therefore very few people can afford to wear and change it depending on the occasion, outfit or mood. We want to change that.
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What we do
BIZUMANIA grants customers not only the freedom to constantly reinvent themselves and take fashion risks but also allow them to shine for a fraction of the price.

For a small monthly fee, customers can constantly swap the jewelry. Selected pieces arrive at the door and can be easily exchanged using reusable packaging.
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Currently only polish version available.
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